An open-source mathematical software – SAGE

Recently I came across an interesting tool for mathematical software in one of the SIAM Review issues. I decided to try to it out and to behold ! I discovered quite a few interesting aspects of this tool. The tool is called SAGE. It is basically a project started to integrate all the good and stable open-source mathematical software dispersed all over the Internet. It integrates tools (which I would really like to learn someday ! ) like R (statistics), Numpy (Linear programming), scipy and a lot more useful tools in the area of Group theory, Number theory, Graph theory, etc.

SAGE is basically developed keeping in mind hard-core mathematicians … to give them a software so that they can try out many abstract aspects of their research. So I think it would be very useful  for amateur researchers (like myself) to have a working knowledge about this software which I think will go a long way to enriching our mathematical knowledge … Also one unique aspect of this tool is working through browser spreadsheets which can help us to prepare notes about a good mathematical topic in a unique way … Check this out for some published notebooks of SAGE.

Relevant links : SAGE , Documentation


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