Journal of US-China Public Administration Call for Papers (Spam)

I recently got an email from an email id . It appears a spam, however, just bringing into your notice so that you can share your thoughts and similar experiences, if any.

From Knowledge to Wisdom

Journal of US-China Public Administration


International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 1548-6591 (print)   ISSN 1935-9691 (online)

Dear S******* N*** ,

This is Journal of US-China Public Administration. We are glad to know you have submitted a paper named<The Correct Title of the Paper> in the 11th Meeting of <correct name of the conference>. We are very interested in your research, if you have unpublished article on hand and have the idea of making our journal a vehicle for your research interests, please send electronic version of your paper to us.

As an American academic publishing group, we hope to keep in touch by email and can publish some papers or books for you and your friends in USA, wishing to become your friends if necessary. We also want to invite some people to be our reviewers or become our editorial board members. If you are interested in our journal, you can send your CV to us. Expect to get your reply soon.

About the Journal

Journal of US-China Public Administration, a professional journal sponsored by American Sino-US Association of Entrepreneurs, and published across the United States by David Publishing Company, USA, and this journal is regularly published by China National Publication Import & Export Corporation on commission.

Journal of US-China Public Administration is collected and indexed by the Library of U.S Congress, on whose official website ( an on-line inquiry can be triggered with its publication number ISSN1548-6591 as key words in “Basic Search” column. In addition, this journal is also retrieved by some renowned databases:

Database of EBSCO, Massachusetts, USA
Hein Online Database, W.S.HEIN, USA
Chinese Database of CEPS, American Federal Computer Library center (OCLC), USA
Chinese Scientific Journals Database, VIP Corporation, Chongqing, P.R.China
Ulrich’s Periodicals Direcory
ProQuest/CSA Social Science Collection, Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS), USA
Summon Serials Solutions

Current columns involve interdisciplinary topics including analysis of developments in the organizational, administrative and policy sciences, public management, land resource management, social security, educational economy and management, social medicine and health service management, national political and economical affairs, social work, management theory and practice etc.

David Publishing is strived to provide the best platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to exchange their latest findings and results. We admire your achievements, and we understand how important your research impact to other peers in the same interest field and other disciplines, and how delighted you would be when communicating with global professional peers. Your contribution to our journals would be very much welcome!

Information for Authors

1. The manuscript should be original, and has not been published previously. Do not submit material that is currently being considered by another journal.
2. Manuscripts may be 3000-8000 words or longer if approved by the editor, including an abstract, texts, tables, footnotes, appendixes, and references. The title should not be exceeding 15 words, and abstract should not be exceeding 300 words. 3-5 keywords or key phrases are required.
3. The manuscript should be in MS Word format, submitted as an email attachment to our email address.
4. Authors of the articles being accepted, we will keep copyright.
5. Author will receive 2 copies of the issue of the journal containing their article.

Peer Review Policy

Journal of US-China Public Administration is peer review journal. All research articles in this journal undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.

Editorial Procedures

All papers considered appropriate for this journal are reviewed anonymously by at least two outside reviewers. The review process usually takes two to three weeks. Papers are accepted for publication subject to no substantive, stylistic editing. The Editor reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the papers, or request the author to do so, or reject the paper submitted. A copy of the edited paper along with the first proofs will be sent to the author for proofreading. They should be corrected and returned to the Editor within seven days. Once the final version of the paper has been accepted, authors are requested not to make further changes to the text.

Submission of Manuscript

All manuscripts submitted will be considered for publication. Please visit our website at   or send papers to  or

Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
Editor Office
Journal of US-China Public Administration
David Publishing Company


7 thoughts on “Journal of US-China Public Administration Call for Papers (Spam)

  1. i dnt think so this is fake,
    I have recived the same for acceptance of my paper : i presented this paper at some internatioanl conference and this ID mailed me and referred to me the same conference and the same email which is above:
    But still after reading ur comments, im bit confused 😦

    1. Hello. Some time ago I got the same email. It is not an spam. The journal, when I checked, did exist and publish. Nevertheless, if they continue doing the same, you should know that they will ask you to pay in order to publish your work. They had a price for page. I decided not to continue communicating with them. If at least it were at least a recognised journal … (but then, the good journals, as far as I know, will never make you pay to publish !!)

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